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Getting Started

Crystals Explained

If you’re just starting out in the world of crystals, it can seem like a foreign place where you don’t speak the language. But get going and you’ll find that ‘crystallising’ (adding crystals as embellishments) is fun and therapeutic, so don’t be put off.

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Hot Fix How To

To Hot Fix or not to Hot Fix?

The first decision that you’re going to need to make is how you prefer to apply your crystals. There are two main options, Hot Fix or glue. There are passionate advocates on both sides of this age-old debate, but which you use largely comes down to personal preference.

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The Basics of Gemming with Glue

Caring for your crystals

We’ve put together this advice for helping you get the best from your hand decorated garments. Whether you’ve lovingly added crystals to garments yourself, or commissioned a Magpie Bespoke outfit – taking care of it is key to keeping it looking perfect for the long haul.

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