About us

Magpies are widely depicted in folklore as pilferers unconditionally attracted to shiny objects.
Also used figuratively to refer to a person who obsessively collects shiny things
If this sounds like you, you are amongst friends here!

Whether you’re an experienced crystalliser or a beginner just starting out, or perhaps you’re looking for some new techniques and products to try, Magpie has you covered.

We supply high quality crystal rhinestones to performance sports and theatre – dancers, skaters, gymnasts, professional costumers, fashion designers, nail artists and more. However you wear your sparkle, Magpie helps you to show off your brilliance.

And if you’re not sure where to start, spend some time exploring our Learn section full of advice, ideas and videos to help you achieve brilliant results with your crystal project.

Do get in touch with any questions, requests or to ask us for advice. We’re happy to help and love to chat all things sparkly.