Bespoke Decoration

For spectacular professional results, commission Magpie to crystal embellish your costume or project for you.
With prices starting from just £20, Magpie bespoke services are an affordable way to achieve elite-level sparkle.

What is Magpie Bespoke and how does it work?
Whether you want to add sparkle to your dance costume, skating outfit, wedding veil, prom dress, trainers… we can offer a professional service that will guarantee you best results. Our bespoke decoration services start at just £20, making it an affordable way to achieve top-quality results.

All commissions are priced on a per-project basis after discussing your requirements and vision for the finished product. We start by discussing the design, colours and numbers of crystals and turnaround time and once we have agreed the details, you will receive a quote and service agreement. This includes a design sketch that our professional decorators will work from as they apply the crystals by hand. A 50% deposit is due at this point to commence with your project.

Once the project is complete, we share photos and a video with you so you can see the finished product. The 50% balance is then due prior to dispatch (and we always send Royal Mail Special Delivery to ensure your bespoke project gets to you promptly and in perfect condition).

Here’s some example pricing, based on decorating a skating dress:

No. of crystals (approx.) Design complexity Cost
Light sparkle 400 Simple £20
Competitive level 1,400 Moderate £40
Full Magpie 4,300 Complex £75

All prices include crystals and application by hand but exclude VAT.

Why choose Magpie Bespoke?
When you choose Magpie to crystal embellish your costume for you, you are guaranteed a professional level finish with stand-out sparkle.

The number of crystals used is estimated based on the design you’ve chosen and can be in an unlimited number of colours and sizes to achieve the desired effect. That means you’re only buying what you need, and you have access to the full Magpie range. This can often work out just as cost effective as doing it yourself.

You’ll discuss your project directly with the expert that will complete the crystal decoration for you, so you will get the benefit of their extensive experience whilst being able to share your vision. We are happy to advise on what works well and suggest designs you may not have thought of!

With a professional applying the crystals for you, they will select the best tools and adhesives for the job. This way not only will the finished product look perfect, but the crystals will be secure enough to withstand wear and tear, stretching, and washing (assuming you follow the instructions provided!)
And if we find that it takes a few more crystals than we quoted to get a perfect result, then…. We’re Magpie after all; we can’t resist a little extra sparkle!

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