Whether you’ve lovingly added crystals to garments yourself, or commissioned a Magpie Bespoke outfit – taking care of it is key to keeping it looking perfect for the long haul. We’ve put together this advice for helping you get the best from your hand decorated garments:


Magpie crystals are attached to your garment with glue. This means some care is needed when washing to protect the adhesive bond that holds them on. To ensure your garment stays beautiful:

  • Refreshing is your friend – we recommend Day Two Delicates Spray which can be used to freshen up the garment between washes
  • Hand washing is safest, in cool water and without soaking
  • Machine washing is possible, but use a low temperature short cycle
  • Do not use fabric softener – this interferes with the glue
  • Do not dry clean

Depending on the fabrics your garment is made from, these may have additional care requirements. Some delicates like silk and satin can only be hand washed in cool water, and lycra and mystique (shine) garments should always be machined washed inside of a pillowcase.


When your garment is wet, make sure to handle gently as the glue will soften when wet. You may notice it slightly ‘puffs’ and looks slightly white or opaque. Don’t worry, it will return to normal once dry. It’s worth drying laid flat, and air dry – do not tumble dry.

Crystal Loss

With any hand decorated garment, a small amount of crystal loss is to be expected. Should a couple of crystals come loose or fall off, these can be replaced:

  • With every Magpie Bespoke commission, a small bag of spare crystals is included with your garment to match the crystals used
  • Use a fabric glue to attach spares from those provided if any gaps appear – we recommend GemTac or E6000 (available from Magpie)
  • Avoid reusing any crystals that have come off the dress, as residue left on the back of the stone will prevent it from adhering securely