Dress Library

You can have it all with the Magpie Dress Library
Choose from a wide range of top-level ice and roller skating dresses available to hire

Welcome to the Magpie Dress Library.
The Library works as any library does – your membership entitles you to check out books (or in this case dresses), borrow them for a time and return them when you’re ready. The dresses in the Magpie library are a huge selection of elite-level costumes suitable for ice- and roller-skating competition at all levels.

When you become a member of the dress library, you are buying a guarantee of an elite level outfit, with a minimum of 2,000 crystals. Each and every dress has been hand-picked as Magpie-worthy, so you know you will have something to stand out in. Costumes are in a range of sizes and styles, meaning that you can pick what suits you. And when you don’t need it any more, grow out of it or just plain old get bored of it – you just return it to us and choose a new one from the Library!

There are two levels of subscription available:

Single hire You can check out one dress at a time. You will need to return this prior to checking out your next dress. £100 per season
Multiple hire You can have up to 3 dresses checked out at a time. This allows you to have dresses tailored to different programmes or dances. £180 per season

The season runs February to end November. All dresses must be returned at the end of the season as this gives us time for cleaning, crystal replacement and stock take.

To register your interest in the Library, please contact us and one of team will be in touch with more information.